2 FREE Re-Inspections

We do not charge a fee to reinspect any items that you have requested to get repaired. Most home inspection companies charge an additional fee for this service. Not us, we want you to be confident that all requested repairs have been completed.


FREE Drone Roof Inspection

The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. We want to make sure you know the condition. No extra fee from us, our drone roof inspection is included on all of our inspections. Don't pay extra for this service, give us a call today to schedule your inspection,


FREE Thermal Image 

Thermal imaging is a powerful tool that helps us find any indications of moisture in those areas that are not visible with the eye. It is so important that we include this service for free. You can feel confident that your home has been inspected with all the best tools available. Don't settle for anything less! 


Reports within 24 hrs

Our reports are easy to read and understand and are sent to you by email within 24 hours of the inspection.